WE ARE THE DAMNED reveal “Doomvirate” album cover!

Portugal’s most extreme WE ARE THE DAMNED have revealed the album cover for their forthcoming Lifeforce Records debut “Doomvirate”.


WATD cover


The band about the visual concept of “Doomvirate”:
“Doomvirate is a term we found that represents the vision we have about the social degeneration that increased substancially in modern days, the lack of opportunity and prospects for a steady future in society, all the political corruption around decisions that dictate an unfavorable situation for those who need the most, and its also a message of hope that we always have to watch for this people. So the visual content is basically always watch and be aware even in the darkened times we go through. Sounds like everyone knows this and it has been discussed before, but in fact it is way more serious than ever, and its never enough to bring this up.”

DOOMVIRATE is set to be released on the following dates
May 23 – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, digital world wide
May 26 – Portugal, UK, rest of Europe
May 27 – North America

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