VORNA release fantastic new video

See the brand new video for ‘Tyhjyys on tyyni’ off VORNA’s new album “Sateet palata saavat” here!


“Sateet palata saavat” can be ordered HERE.


Singer Vesa Salovaara about the lyrics:
“Tyhjyys on tyyni” (transl. The Void is Serene) is about how people feel the need to escape the unpleasant reality in many ways and how they rationalize this need to themselves. In the end, you can’t escape reality and someday you will get what’s coming for you.”

Guitar player/ video director Arttu Järvisalo says about the video:
“Last spring the idea for the video emerged from the song lyrics and their escapism-theme, which seemed to me as a strong choice in visual terms and which I, at the time, felt very connected to personally. Guilt, being an essential part of the lyrics, became one of the core aspects of the video as well. All this is presented as a dark and somber story with afterlife mysticism.”

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