Third new HANGING GARDEN single “Signs of Affection” is here!

Third new Hanging Garden single “Signs of Affection” from the band’s upcoming album “Into That Good Night” is here!


“Into That Good Night” is set to be released on November 15th and can be pre-ordered here:


The closing track of Hanging Garden’s sixth full-length album “Into That Good Night”, “Signs of Affection” is based on poet & lyricist Elli Leppä’s crushingly melancholic Finnish text “Kiintymyksen eleitä”.

It depicts bittersweet themes of loss, longing, sorrow and death, and of what is meaningful in the end, when there is nothing left. Elli is currently working on an antholgy of poems, “Seisaukset tasaukset”, which is to be released next year.

The text was translated by Toni Toivonen, and interpreted by him and Riikka Hatakka to a composition by Jussi Hämäläinen. The lyric video presents the original lyrics alongside the English translation.

The lyric video was written, directed and shot at the Backwoods estate by Hanging Garden’s keyboardist Nino Hynninen, and edited and colour graded by Toni Toivonen. The tranquil single take shot by a sea shore creates a powerful impression of stillness, absence and departure.

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