THE HOLEUM return with new album

Almost 3 years since the release of their Lifeforce Records debut have passed, but now The Holeum have finished the works on the follow-up to the 2016 debut album “Negative Abyss”.

The new album will be entitled “Sublime Emptiness” and is set to be released by late August.

The Holeum 2019

“On this album we keep the essence of our first release, but the sound has been brought to a new dimension. Our identifying traits have been redefined through darker and harder passages, more complex structures without losing our melodic character. “Sublime Emptiness” lyrically deals with the transcendence of human beings as microcosmic particles and our spiritual connection with the macrocosm.” comments the band.

Founded in the second half of 2014, former musicians of bands like NahemaH, Demised, quantumXperience, Hela, Neptunian Sun, and Priest of Dawn started this new outlet to stretch the boundaries and to reinforce the emotional impression of what dark and weirdly music can be and achieve.

The Holeum is confirmed to play Rock The Coast Festival in June with such heavyweights as Scorpions, Rainbow, Opeth, Europe, Mayhem and Carcass to name just a few.

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