HANGING GARDEN – Backwoods Sessions

November 11th, 2015

In July 2015 Hanging Garden recorded and filmed the live performance for five songs. The 2-day session, called “Backwoods Sessions”, took place in the woods of Pernaja in a location familiar from one of the band’s earlier music videos.



One of the key songs in this session was the Jeff Buckley cover “Dream Brother”, which was arranged to portray the current sound of Hanging Garden. This was also the band’s last performance with drummer Antti Ruokola (2010-2015).

DESPITE EXILE reveal new song

November 10th, 2015

Ready for some new DESPITE EXILE music? Well, we can help! Here is the brand new song ‘Act III – Transcendental Observer’ off the band’s forthcoming EP “Disperse” due to be released November 27th via iTunes and all other major digital outlets.


DESPITE EXILE reveal EP cover and track list

October 21st, 2015

Here you can find the cover and track list of DESPITE EXILE’s Lifeforce Records debut “Disperse” – out digitally on November 27th and physically on January 29th!




Track list:
01. Act I: Gaze Of Leviathan
02. Act II: Panoptic Servant
03. Gather Void
04. Act III: Transcendental Observer
05. Wither Sight
06. Act IV: Herald Of Blindness
07. Act V: Dissipating Martyrs

HANGING GARDEN reveal video for ‘Borrowed Eyes’

October 15th, 2015

Check out the brand new HANGING GARDEN video for ‘Borrowed Eyes’ (featuring Ville Sorvali from Moonsorrow).


DESPITE EXILE ep title and release date revealed

October 7th, 2015

DESPITE EXILE digital EP entitled “Disperse” – out November 27th on Lifeforce Records! Physical version will be released February 2016.

DE Disperse

“This EP is a conceptual journey through the paradoxes of human thinking, in the form of a five acts tragedy: from the illusion of being an autonomous and creative entity, to the realization of its deepest constraints. Throughout the struggle to discover its origin, thought moves towards the nothingness from which it came, accepting that the only act of freedom left is to perpetrate its own dissolution.”

CONFESSION breaking up

October 7th, 2015



After roughly seven years of existence, Australian melodic hardcore band CONFESSION will be calling it quits after one final tour.