OMNIUM GATHERUM reveal new album info!

We think it is time to give you some info on the new OMNIUM GATHERUM album, right? First of all the basics, the follow-up to OMNIUM GATHERUM’s 2011 release “New World Shadows” will be entitled “Beyond” and is set to be released on February 25th in Europe and March 5th in North America.


Beyond album cover

Artwork by Olli Lappalainen


01. Luoto
02. New Dynamic
03. In The Rim
04. Nightwalkers
05. Formidable
06. The Sonic Sign
07. Who Could Say
08. The Unknowing
09. Living In Me
10. White Palace

“Beyond” was recorded by Teemu Aalto and mixed and mastered once again by the golden hands of Mr. Dan Swanö.


But let’s see what guitarist Markus Vanhala has to say about the new album:

“It’s now been approx 10-years since our debut full-lenght album “Spirits And August Light” was released and the world was waiting. The latest 2011 album “New World Shadows” was a good breakthrough for us and lots of good things happened after that record, so of course we had some pressures to do a decent successor for that great record as the world was waiting again.

Well, i think we managed on mastering that task and now we’re back again with the OG’s 6th album called “Beyond”, the album that is really going beyond all limits of melodic death metal from the winter wonderland! The album follows the good known path of “New World Shadows” and “The Redshift” but adds a lot of new flavours and spices to the good ol’ melting pot to lift the band to a new heights. It’s our most melodic and versatile album so far but at the same time it still holds for example the most brutal death metal growls in our career yet as also some really tasteful cleans vox between the lines. I’m sure everyone who gives the album many spins can find something new with every turn, so this should be a album that hold up the sands of time and rewards the listeners who are digging deeper and searching something more than just a one hit wonders of the day!

Lyrically told “Beyond” is about the culmination point of one’s existence. It is a coming home story where the mysteries of duality are melted into oneness but without losing one single point of individuality along the arrival. As you can see from the cover there’s also a strong sense of sea on the album, as we’re the sons of the sea from Kotka!”



Watch out for a first track to be revealed after new year’s eve!


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