New KING APATHY (former Thränenkind) song!

Taken from the forthcoming KING APATHY album “Wounds”, out February 22nd, 2019 on Lifeforce Records.

“Wounds” can be be preordered on Ltd. Vinyl LP, CD Digipak and Digital here:


This world, once living, is not dying, it’s being killed!
Anthropocene: Age of man?
negation of life!

We all witness the sixth extinction!
Mankind is the killer, the murderer.
Earthwrecker, domesticator, worldeater.
Extinction is not death it’s the end of birth.

Behold the scars of the land.
The neverhealing scars of the land.
We won’t survive on scarred and dead land.
We won’t forget the scars of the land.

“’Human supremacy’ is one of the biggest problems of our time. Most people still belief that humans are more worthy of life than other animals. Mankind is seen as the ‘pride of creation’. This belief had humanity destroy the planet and drive myriads of species into extinction – that means that they are gone forever! The time has come to realize that we are supposed to be a part of the natural world, not the rulers of this Earth. If we don’t understand this simple fact soon, we will make this world inhabitable – for all animals, plants and also ourselves.” – M

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