Finnish heavy doomsters OCEANWAKE sign to Lifeforce Records

You may have noticed that we at Lifeforce Records have a strong affinity to bands from Finland. The happier we are to welcome with OCEANWAKE another great band from this beautiful country with its non-sinking source of outstanding music acts.



“After we had concluded our massive trilogy (Kingdom-Sunless-Earthen, 2013-2017) we decided it was time to start the search of a new label. We received quite a few offers, but when Lifeforce approached us, the decision was a no-brainer. The label was familiar to us via friends in bands like Omnium Gatherum and Hanging Garden. They spoke nothing but good about Lifeforce and encouraged us to get on board. We deeply appreciate the chance to work in collaboration with such a fine label, who have helped many great bands to the height of their careers. This contract is really pushing us forward now, as we’re composing new material for our first release via Lifeforce.” – comments the band the signing to Lifeforce Records.


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