Please use our contact form for all email purposes.[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] Regular mail (letters, magazines)

Lifeforce Records
PO Box 301172
04251 Leipzig
GermanyOversized Mail, Shipments (Express Letters, Parcels, Fedex, UPS):
Lifeforce Records
Eulensteg 16
04416 Markkleeberg
GermanyInvoice address:
Lifeforce Records
Stefan Luedicke
PO Box 301172
04251 Leipzig
VAT: DE204290329


Phone: +49.341.218.293.30
(This is a general phone line, if nobody is picking up please make sure YOU ALWAYS LEAVE A MESSAGE and we will try to call you back asap. Thank You!)



WE DO NO LONGER ACCEPT PHYSICAL DEMOS! So please save the planet and plant a tree!

1. We do not accept mp3 files attached to emails (such mails will be deleted immediately!)


2. We do not accept download links!


3. Your band should fit into our artist roster, so please check out our website first before going to step 4 and preparing your submission to us.
– We are very open minded, but some music just will not work on Lifeforce Records.
– We are always interested in newcomers, but you should be serious about your band, means we need to see some activity and that doesn’t the amount of Facebook/ Twitter entries you have!- Make sure what you want to present to us is the best you can show with the resources you have and no, we don’t mean rehearsal room recordings, unless the quality is acceptable
– Our signing slots are somewhat limited (quality not quantity), so just because we signed your friends’/ home towns’/ countries’ or your mom’s band doesn’t mean we can sign all the bands coming from that area, just keep that in mind.


If you are still reading and think you are ready to go we now come to the submission:

4. Your submission mail should AT LEAST contain the following info (you might think why we ask that, but trust us, we have seen a lot of things :))
– No need to be formal, but you should at least know our label name (copy here: Lifeforce Records) and it doesn’t make you look very professional if you send a bulk mail to a ton of labels and keep the other recipients visible in the mail…
– Band name
– Contact Person with valid email address
– Streaming link (Soundcloud, Youtube, Bandcamp, Reverbnation, Facebook, etc.)
– Short description of the band (hometown, country, bio, activity, live shows)
Now you are ready to submit your demo here: submissions (at)
Simple as that! Thank you for considering Lifeforce Records!


If we like your band we will definitely getting in touch with you… and yeah that might sound harsh, but if you don’t hear from us it simply means: WE ARE NOT INTERESTED!

If you are a right wing, fascist, homophobic or in similar ways mentally disordered, please don’t waste our time!


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