When Our Time Comes


Alexander Blair – Guitar
Ross Collier – Bass
Jack Gibson – Guitar
Joe Carter-Hawkins -Vocals
Dom Hope – Drums


When it comes to music, catchiness and claim are not mutually exclusive. First you take notice of the beautiful, accessible dimension. Then you discover the given substance of the songwriting, and the discerning approach of the songs. What sounds nice and playful, has more to offer than it seems initially. Welcome to the debut album of WHEN OUR TIME COMES.

Having opened shows for the likes of Of Mice And Men, The Color Morale, or Hacktivist, the band from the North of London combines polyrhythmic grooves with heavy breakdowns and emotional easiness. WHEN OUR TIME COMES are always good for a surprise, but at the same time they pay attention to a harmonious balance and a coherent framework.

Formed in 2011, WHEN OUR TIME COMES are an exciting five piece band from the UK. Drawing on their collective influences from SikTh, PARKWAY DRIVE, THRICE, and PERIPHERY, the band released their EP “Test The Waters” in the April of 2012, and now are about to unleash their self titled debut album on LIFEFORCE RECORDS.