Tristan Haillot – Vocals
Leo Sendra – Guitar
Erwan Billon – Guitar
Charles Villanueva – Bass
Bryan Tronquet – Drums


Ever since their creation in 2008 in Montpellier (South of France), Weaksaw have played a sincere brutal and melodic metal. The band was initially formed by Bryan Tronquet (drums) and Leo Sendra guitar), and are joined by Charles Villanueva (bass), Tristan Haillot (vocals) and Erwan Billon (guitar). The line-up has remained unchanged to this day.
Weaksaw have released two Eps in a positively thrash core style, “13 X 13” (4 tracks) in 2008, and “The Overture” (6 tracks) in 2009, both recorded at Trendkill Studios. Their first album, “Weaksaw”, is released in 2012 by Klonosphere / Season of Mist, also recorded at Trendkill Studios. With this album, their style gets more radical, with a darker, more violent, technical touch to it.

“James Hudson Jr” is released in early 2013, marking the affirmation of their style, with more direct, ambient songs, charged with brutal emotion. The band, who auto produced this album, chose to release it exclusively digitally. It is a foretaste of their upcoming work.

The band has toured extensively with each release. It is indeed on stage that Weaksaw reach their full potential, playing energetic, precise and powerful shows, with a strong connexion to their crowd. With more than 140 shows all through Europe, Weaksaw has forged themselves a strong reputation as a must see live band.

Weaksaw started writing their next release just after their return from the “French Connexion Tour” (with Uneven Structure and The Algorithm). The previous Ep, “James Hudson Jr” defined a strong artistic direction in which the band has wished to stay. The end of 2014 marks the beginning of the most important step of their carrier. A tight-knit group, both determined and professional, headed to Florida to record their next release, strengthened by the presence of a manager and producer.
The production, mixing and mastering were taken care of by Mark Lewis (Cannibal Corpse, Whitechapel, The Black Dahlia Murder…). The drums were recorded in Florida (Audio Hammer Studios) by Jason Suecof, and the rest of the album was recorded in France, at the Chicken Coop Studio, this time by Mark Lewis.
The new album will be released in May 2016 on Lifeforce Records. This album is brutal and modern, without however falling into the style’s stereotypes. From the beginning to the end, this album is haunted by a ghostly atmosphere and palpable emotions thanks to the massive and direct tracks. Mark Lewis is doing an amazing job with the production, both humanly and professionally: “with Mark, all that matters is the music. He is an unconditional fan of metal music, plug yourself in, play, and let’s make this riff sound as good as humanly possible”.

Weaksaw will be touring in the next few months to present their new release.


Weaksaw – The Wretched Of The Earth
01. The Wretched Of The Earth
02. Josh
03. XYY
04. Zabveniye Part I
05. Zabveniye Part II
06. Natoma
07. Whitetip
08. The Expressionless
09. Storyteller
10. Admiral Cunt