The Psyke Project


Martin Nielskov – Vocals
Mikkel Vadstrup Schmidt – Guitar
Christian Bono Bonnesen – Guitar
Jeppe Skouv – Bass
Rasmus Gajhede Sejersen – Drums


Hailing from the city of Copenhagen THE PSYKE PROJECT are best-known for bringing an intense, yet chaotic sound that is based on heavy riffs and despairing passages within an epic framework. Driven by a profound love for a complex and brute sound with sincere and honest lyrics, the Danes are strongly dedicated to modern heavy music consisting of elements of different heavy-genres. Following last years “Apnea” LIFEFORCE RECORDS is releasing the bands fourth album ”Dead Storm”, which has been recorded in famous Fredman Studios.

“Dead Storm” has its origins from the Scandinavian nature and narratives of the world that THE PSYKE PROJECT belong to. The approach of the album is inspired by the purity and apparent frailty of old Nordic melodies, which also hold an inherent tale of toil and hardships that are long forgotten in modern society. The duality is always present on “Dead Storm,” because life and death are treated equally without fear. The authenticity and honesty of Nordic narratives – be it nature, myths or music – has made an deep impact on how THE PSYKE PROJECT wanted to record the album and the emotions that should be conveyed through ”Dead Storm.”


World: Tony Boden,



As We Fight / The Psyke Project – Ebola (split)
01. As We Fight – Shattered
02. As We Fight – Save Me
03. As We Fight – Bitter End
04. As We Fight – Black Heart
05. The Psyke Project – We Came From Earth
06. The Psyke Project – Battles
07. The Psyke Project – This Road To Hell
08. The Psyke Project – Only I Remain
09. The Psyke Project – A 1000 Frozen Bodies


The Psyke Project – Dead Storm
01. The Blizzard
02. Dead People Never Lie
03. Stockholm Bloodbath
04. Mile High Pillars
05. Polaris
06. Forget The Forgotten
07. Winter
08. Storms Of The North
09. Cursed With Care
10. Utopia Is Not An Option


The Psyke Project – Apnea
01. The Voice Of Commandment
02. I Get Paralyzed
03. Panic
04. Creating Landscapes
05. Physical Romance
06. Dedication
07. Love Shown In A Handful Of Dirt
08. Poems Written By Kings
09. Jugganata
10. Not In My Time