The Holeum



Paco Porcel – Bass
Pablo Egido – Vocals&Drones
Miguel Fernández – Drums
Luis Albaladejo – Guitars



Having the title “Negative Abyss”, the debut album of Spanish band THE HOLEUM has to sound destructive, and hopeless. Founded in the second half of 2014, former musicians of bands like NahemaH, Demised, quantumXperience, Hela, Neptunian Sun, and Priest of Dawn started this new outlet to stretch the boundaries and to reinforce the emotional impression of what dark and weirdly music can be and achieve.

“Negative Abyss” consists of eight tracks expressing inner conflicts and the never ending search for meaning in life. THE HOLEUM’s first album debouches in between post metal and dark ambient – always being full of atmosphere, and subtleness. Being in preoccupation with its multi-layered heavy tunes, the Spanish four-piece undergoes a “Negative Abyss” to find relief and peace of mind in the end. The path is arduous as songs titles like ‘Cosmic Horror’, ‘Dystopia’, ‘Nuclear Mysticism’, or ‘Pictures of the Uncanny’ suggest. But THE HOLEUM face up to their inner demons.


The Holeum – Negative Abyss
01. Chemical Ghosts
02. Philosopher’s Stone
03. Nuclear Mysticism
04. Pictures Of The Uncanny
05. Cosmic Horror
06. Omniverse
07. Vertical Parallel Infinites
08. Dystopia