Last Leaf Down



Jonathan Edwards – Vocals
Mart Wijnholds – Guitar
Jabe Piter Faber – Bass & Backing vocals
Wieger Jan Scheper – Drums



An uncompromising manifestation of ferocity and utter discontent is probably the best way to describe the dismally melancholic sound of Teethgrinder.Fueled by a sense and a rage evoked by the steady decline of modern day society, Teethgrinder seek to release their bottled-up hatred through matching sonic extremity, they do so while making no compromises and refusing to any standards in the process. The authentic yet progressive sound of the band has been spawned by a fusion of the several genres, namely; grindcore, black metal, crust, sludge and noise. Teethgrinder honours their roots and simultaneously broaden the spectrum of grindcore itself, resulting in an unsettling maelstrom of ferocity.

The critically acclaimed EP “Hellbound”, recorded in late 2013 consisted of four blistering songs and marked the band’s debut. Initially released on 7″ vinyl only, the copies soon sold out and consequently an additional CD release was pressed. To promote “Hellbound”, Teethgrinder started their crushing live devastation, sharing stages with bands like Dillinger Escape Plan, Terrorizer, Vader, Enslaved, Anaal Natrakh and Napalm Death. Additionally they were invited by festivals such as Incubate, Obscene Extreme, Into the Grave and Dokk’em Open Air.

While grinding every available stage to pieces the band quickly garnered infamy for their energetic, loud and aggressive live performance. During the second half of 2014 the band wrote their debut full length “Misanthropy” which peaked the interest of Germany’s Lifeforce Records.The debut full-length “Misanthropy” is set to see its world-wide release in May of 2015. It will offer an diverse collection of aggressive genre-fusing songs, which will annihilate all in its path, leaving only desolation in its wake. Teethgrinder looking forward to the next step in their progression by touring Europe extensively in 2015. In April they will support Tombs and Black Anvil throughout the continent and at the end of 2015 Spain will be conquered. 2015 will surely see countless more tour dates which will be announced soon.As the current state of our society becomes more corrupt and debased with every passing minute, Teethgrinder’s burning flames of dissent will light burn ever more brightly in the future, ensuring that this is only the beginning of a legacy of discontent.



Teethgrinder – Nihilism
01. Somnambulant
02. The Soil Has A Thirst Of Blood
03. Isolation
04. The Pain Exceeds The Fear
05. Force Fed Ideologies
06. Carnist
07. Sicarius
08. Pale Flowers
09. Bite The Hand That Feeds

Teethgrinder – Misanthropy
01. Rites Of Sorrow
02. Hope In Death
03. Waste
04. Desolation
05. Death Of The Individual
06. Vitriol
07. Iron Jaw
08. Discomfort
09. 187
10. Plagued By Existence
11. Abandoned Light
12. Misanthropy