Fake Idols


Tony Kaikkonen – vocals
Teemu Liekkala – guitars, backing vocals
J-V Hintikka – guitars
Petteri Vaalimaa – bass
Pasi Pasanen – drums



The story of Red Eleven began in 2009 under the name ‘Project Red Eleven’, when Teemu Liekkala and Tony Kaikkonen demoed a couple of songs together. Then one fine day in the summer of 2011 Tony played these songs to his buddies Pasi Pasanen and Petteri Vaalimaa. The guys instantly thought “This should definitely be a real band!”. Thus, finally in January 2012 the “project” -prefix was let go and Red Eleven started rehearsing. J-V Hintikka joined the band very soon when he heard they need a second guitarist. After 2 months of intensive rehearsing, they started recording their debut album ‘Idiot Factory’.

In 2012-2013 the band toured in Finland’s rock clubs and gained reputation as a groovy, hard rocking live act. Red Eleven released it’s first album ‘Idiot Factory’ through Secret Entertainment in April 2013. The debut album got very positive feedback from media in Finland, as well as abroad. During the summer of 2013 the band started preparing it’s second album, composing, arranging and rehearsing songs. They hit SN-Audio Productions in November to record 12 new songs with Sami Niittykoski. In March 2014 Red Eleven signed a record deal with German label Lifeforce Records.

Former/present bands of Red Eleven’s members include names like Machine Men, Swallow the Sun, Code For Silence, Sons Of Aeon, Dark Days Ahead, Plutonium Orange, Manufacturer’s Pride, Dead Cult Diaries, Turta and so on, so there’s plenty of touring and studio experience among the group.



Red Eleven – I Follow
01. I Follow
02. Better Without You

Red Eleven – Round II
01. Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
02. Second Round
03. Narrow Mind
04. Tomorrow’s Path
05. The Turning Point
06. The Wrong Enemy
07. Behind Illusion
08. Famous For Being Famous
09. Last Night
10. Hide & Seek
11. Running Blind
12. Shine On Me