Kasper Thomsen – Vocals
Jesper Tilsted – Guitar
Lars Christensen – Guitar
Jeppe Christensen – Keys / Vocals
Jesper Kvist – Bass
Morten Tof Hansen – Drums


Guess who’s back? With “Wasteland Discotheque,” Denmark’s RAUNCHY keep on carving their own path of aggressive music while melding it between healthy slabs of death and thrash metal, that is enlarged by their addictively strong pop-appeal and a well dosed industrial impact. Being RAUNCHY’S fourth album all over and their second for LIFEFORCE RECORDS, it contains the harder and specific rhythmic shaping of Strapping Young Lad and Fear Factory, the melodic tendencies In Flames and the pop-sensibilities of Soilwork or even Linkin Park. Being hailed as “Futuristic Hybrid Metal,” RAUNCHY creates a signature sound all their own, that already led them to the throne of being dubbed “Danish Dynamite.” “Wasteland Discotheque” will without a doubt solidify RAUNCHY’s position within the modern Scandinavian metal.

In 2005, RAUNCHY signed a deal with the worlds finest up and coming extreme music label LIFEFORCE RECORDS to release their third full length record entitled “Death Pop Romance” in 2006. Afterwards the sextet hit the road supporting Soulfly as well as becoming part of the “Danish Dynamite Tour 2006” along with Hatesphere and Volbeat. 2008 sees RAUNCHY stepping further out of genre boundaries, while releasing an even catchier, infectious and gripping album with “Wasteland Discotheque”.



Scandinavia: 3rd Tsunami, info@3rd-tsunami.com
World: tour@raunchy.dk



Raunchy – A Discord Electric
1. Dim The Lights And Run
2. Rumors Of Worship
3. Nght Prty
4. Street Emperor
5. Blueprints For Lost Sounds
6. Shake Your Grave
7. Tiger Crown
8. Big Truth
9. The Great Depression
10. The Yeah Thing
11. Ire Vampire
12. Gunslingers And Tombstones 

Raunchy – Wasteland Discotheque
1. This Blackout Is Your Apocalypse (Intro)
2. Somewhere Along The Road
3. The Bash
4. Warriors
5. Straight To Hell
6. Welcome The Storm
7. Wasteland Discotheque
8. Somebody’s Watching Me (Rockwell cover)
9. A Heavy Burden
10. To The Lighthouse
11. Showdown Recovery
12. The Comfort In Leaving 

Raunchy – Death Pop Romance
1. This Legend Forever
2. Abandon Your Hope
3. Phantoms
4. The Curse Of Bravery
5. Remembrance
6. Live The Myth
7. City Of Hurt
8. Persistence
9. The Velvet Remains
10. Farewell To Devotion