Claudio Coassin – Vocals
Matteo Di Bon – Guitar
Acido – Lead Guitar
Andrea Corona – Keys
Michele Colussi – Bass
Enrico Fabris – Drums


Having played the legendary Prog-power Festival USA and being nominated as one of the “best opening acts” who ever played it, Italy’s RAINTIME already left their mark on the world of metal and gained worldwide attention. 2010 sees the release of the band’s 3rd album. “Psychromatic” is right in between melody, power and technical mastery. Just think of In Flames’ melo-death spirit combined with the energy of Evergrey, the aggression of Children Of Bodom, the technical prowess of Dream Theater and the epic songwriting skills of US Heroes Black Symphony. Beside some noticeable parallels, RAINTIME strive to find their own way through the energetic world of holistic metal.…and they succeed!

“Psychromatic”, the second album for LIFEFORCE RECORDS, was recorded at Remaster Studios by Nick Savio (Arthemis, Cyber Cross, Powerquest) and mixed / mastered by Logan Mader (Cavalera Conspiracy, Devil Driver, Machine Head, Soulfly). If you have been disappointed by the latest releases of the Swedish metal persuasion, RAINTIME will convince you of their ability within no time and make you believe: This is what melo-death should sound like!


Carlo Bellotti, management@raintime.com



Raintime – Psychromatic
1. Fire Ants
2. Turned Up And Down
3. Never Ending Stairway
4. Nothing But A Mistake
5. I Want To Remember
6. Shift
7. Fake Idols
8. Beaten Roads
9. One Day
10. Buried In You
11. Walk-On Actor


Raintime – Flies & Lies
1. Flies & Lies
2. Rolling Chances
3. Apeiron
4. Rainbringer
5. Finally Me
6. Tears Of Sorrow
7. The Black Well
8. Beat It (Michael Jackson Cover)
9. Another Transition
10. Burning Doll
11. Matrioska