Last Leaf Down



Joshua Orsi – Vocals
Ludovic Lacroix – Guitar
Elric Doswald – Guitar
Mathieu Tappolet
Nils Haldi – Drums



Founded in Geneva Switzerland in 2008, PROMETHEE quickly gathered lots of attention and played numerous shows in Switzerland and France in front of a fast growing public. Releasing its first, self-titled EP in March 2010, PROMETHEE confirmed its status of unavoidable newcomer among the European metal scene, proposing some freshness in the genre both on musical and technical aspects.

Defending its music over all Europe and up to Canada and Cuba, playing great shows and festival, the band got back in studio in late 2011 to record their debut album to be released in October 2012. “Nothing Happens. Nobody Comes, Nobody Goes.” will definitely set PROMETHEE on the next level. Gathering prestigious feedbacks from the press (Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, Legacy Magazine) and the public for its technical and musical mastery, the album became an essential part of 2012’s European releases. With very positive feedbacks from the press and public regarding its technical and musical mastery, this album made itself an essential part of 2012’s European releases.

PROMETHEE developed its image by releasing several video clips, live videos, playthrough and other footage that were seen by hundreds of thousands of fans around the world. Together with hundreds of shows in some more than ten countries, the band’s visibility kept on growing and maintained a high momentum.

In 2014, PROMETHEE releases a new EP called “Dark Souls” with two songs from the band’s upcoming full length album along with a lyrics video. Highly awaited by the public, the band has been presenting these songs live during his tours across Europe, giving a foretaste of the band’s upcoming compositions.

With years of experience, tens of thousands of fans across the world, PROMETHEE is once again under the spot in 2015 with its second album “Unrest”, key element of the band artistic and professional future, set to be released internationally in September with LIFEFORCE Records. Keep your head out, PROMETHEE is expecting to defend this album live in your city!


MANAGEMENT: Patrick Häberli, Avernus Entertainment



Promethee – Unrest
01. Our Common Fall
02. Unspoken
03. Dark Souls
04. Frostbite
05. Age Of Unrest
06. The Sour Taste
07. Broken Structures
08. Vacant
09. Inert And Bound
10. Dead Motion
11. Lost Body
12. Echoes Of The Universe