Eero Haula – vocals
Martti Koski – guitars
Mikko Kulju – drums
Jussi Rautio – guitars
Jarkko Mäkelä – bass



Oceanwake was established in the autumn of 2009 in a tiny and idyllic Finnish coastal town called Luvia, where most of the band’s musicians were born. Though everyone has since moved away from the town, the somewhat eccentric and unique spirit of Luvia is still strongly present in their music. It is quite apparent that Oceanwake draws from a wide variety of influences, be it the music, the lyrics or the visuals – not to mention their live show which features a podium for the vocalist, situated upstage next to the drummer. But what’s more important, they have succeeded in mixing all the ingredients so perfectly that it’s almost impossible to find a specific genre to file them under. There is an indescribable twist in their approach to metal music that it keeps the focus on the music instead of “metal”. It’s melodic, fragile and soothing at one moment but raw, relentless and downright frightening at another. Like a hovering mist on a placid shore in contrast with a raging storm that sweeps across the ocean.

The debut album Kingdom (2013) gathered mostly positive reviews. It captured very well the essence of their formative years, when they naturally were a new band in search of their own form of expression. On their second album, the critically acclaimed Sunless (2015), the songwriting was far more together but not any less adventurous. With Earthen (2017), they took another enormous step on a ladder where their only competition seems to be themselves.

Oceanwake is currently working on their Lifeforce Records debut, which is set to be released in 2018.