Bjoern Goosses – Vocals
Jens Basten – Guitar
Frank Basten – Guitar
Tobias Bruchmann – Bass
Adriano Ricci – Drums


It’s been silent about the German pioneers of melodic Death Metal for far too long!

Flashback: After NIGHT IN GALES’ debut EP “Sylphlike” had hit the scene like a bomb in 1995 (up till now this release remains one of the best selling demos ever!), the first album “Towards The Twilight” was released in 1997 under the wings of Nuclear Blast Records and NIG toured with bands such as of In Flames, Hypocrisy, Children Of Bodom and Death, before releasing their second album “Thunderbeast”. Further touring with acts like Dismember or again Children Of Bodom followed, as well as appearances at festivals like Wacken Open Air or Summer Breeze Open Air.

While the releases this far presented the band with a clearly melo-death rocking groove, their third album “Nailwork“ in 2000 showcased a rather morbid and more progressive side to things and NIG not only toured Europe with Old Man´s Child and Krisiun but also visited Japan together with Defleshed.

The band’s upcoming “Necrodynamic“ release in 2001 saw them switching to Massacre Records and also to a more varied and melodic stylistic approach, which after some line up changes also lead to the band taking a break in order to musically re-orientate. In doing so, there was music released by the members of NIGHT IN GALES during the zero years in / with acts like Deadsoil, The Very End, Grind Inc. or In Blackest Velvet, yet nothing was to be heard by NIG apart from the self-released “Ten Years Of Tragedy“ EP 2005 (a free download offering, celebrating the group’s tenth birthday!).

All of a sudden and unexpectedly, the time-out after “Necrodynamic“ had lasted for almost a decade, but ever since a “comeback” show in 2009 at a local festival and the full re-release of the band’s catalogue by Metal Mind Productions, NIGHT IN GALES have returned to work on a brandnew album, showcasing a matured and re-defined band, fresh and quality-driven as ever before. The new and fifth album “Five Scars” successfully combines all of the band’s past trademarks within the typically Swedish melodic death metal sound structure, without rejecting new influences and thus making it both the most melodically accessible as well as also the most aggressive effort in the band’s history so far, smoothly rounded off with a killer soundmix courtesy of scene icon Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath, etc.).





Night In Gales – Five Scars
01. Epitaph
02. This Neon Grave
03. Days Of The Mute
04. Five Scars
05. Void Venture
06. The Tides Of November
07. Life Denied
08. Endtrip
09. Whiteout
10. A Mouthful Of Death
11. Bloodsong
12. Blackmouth Blues
13. The Wake