Pablo Egido – Vocals
Miguel Palazón – Guitars
Roberto Marco – Guitars
Paco Porcel – Bass
Enrique Perez “Fabique” – Drums


Spanish progressive innovators NAHEMAH found its vision with their second album for LIFEFORCE RECORDS. “A New Constellation” is discovering a more experimental and spiritual side of forward-thinking heavy music in between epic beauty, harsh aggression and atmospheric accents. NAHEMAH are adding a new twist to their music to complete their challenging approach and to create an even more characteristic and emotional sound of their own. The quintet from Alicante, in the south west of Spain, uses filling keyboards and a distinctive saxophone to expand within its songwriting and to naturally cross as many limiting boarders as possible.

“A New Constellation”s guitar-based core captures the best moments acts like Opeth, Pink Floyd, Cult Of Luna, Mogwai, Katatonia or even Radiohead are known for to convey them in an organically and consistently sound NAHEMAH will soon be recognized with. Don’t think there is no room to progress with post-rock-meets-dark-metal-sounds anymore. Just listen to “A New Constellation” and believe, the title proofs it right!





Nahemah – A New Constellation
1. Much As…
2. Absynthe
3. Follow Me
4. Reaching The Stars
5. The Perfect Depth Of The Mermaids
6. Air
7. Under The Mourning Rays
8. The Trip
9. Smoke’s Men
10. Outer


Nahemah – The Second Philosophy
1. Siamese
2. Killing My Architect
3. Nothing
4. Like A Butterfly In A Storm
5. Change
6. Labyrinthine Straight Ways
7. Subterranean Airports
8. Phoenix
9. Today Sunshine Ain’t The Same
10. The Speech