Man Must Die


Joe McGlynn – Vocals
Alan McFarland – Guitars
Dan Firth – Bass
James Burke – Drums



Man Must Die are an extreme metal band hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. Formed in 2002 and originally born of the founding members’ desire to push their music to new levels of intensity and brutality, the band’s dedication to their craft has since manifested itself in a rich touring history, sharing stages with such acts as Exodus, Machine Head and Decapitated. As well as this, they have released three full-length studio albums. These are 2004’s ‘…Start Killing’, released on Retribute Records, followed by ‘The Human Condition’ (2007) and the highly acclaimed ‘No Tolerance for Imperfection’ (2009), both on Relapse Records.

Their music manages to incorporate the heaviest elements of extreme metal whilst retaining an attuned sense of melody, confidently shifting from epic, uplifting passages to pure sickness. Augmented by a keen compositional flair and furious, socially aware vocals, Man Must Die are a highly focused musical force.

Now in 2013, having formed a new alliance with Lifeforce Records, Man Must Die find themselves on the verge of unleashing their greatly anticipated fourth full-length, which promises to forge new sonic ground for the band whilst remaining every bit as destructive and darkly satisfying as their devotees have come to expect.



Man Must Die – Peace Was Never An Option
01. Congregation
02. Hiding In Plain Sight
03. Patriot
04. The Hell I Fear
05. Sectarian
06. Dissolution
07. Absence Makes The Hate Grow Stronger
08. The Price You Pay
09. Antisocial Network
10. Abuser Friendly
11. On The Verge Of Collapse
12. The Day I Died