Light Pupil Dilate


Eric Searle – Guitar/Vocals
Mike Chvasta – Bass/Vocals
Michael Green – Drums


Slithering out of Atlanta Georgia, heavy rock trio Light Pupil Dilate blend elements of classic metal (Slayer, Sepultura), progressive rock (King Crimson, Yes), punk (Nomeansno, MDC), hardcore (Converge, TITD), and 90’s D.C. rock (Shudder to Think, Fugazi) into a smoldering mess of sound and fury. Featuring a strong dual-vocal approach, the sonically textured guitar work of Eric Searle, the upfront-pounding bass lines of Mike Chvasta plus the chaotic groove of Michael Green; LPD pulls from the roots of rock and metal but never strays from doing something original and fresh.

Light Pupil Dilate began showering audiences with their love in 2002. 2003 marked the release of their self-recorded/produced LP, the crisp and amazing sounding “Cascades” on the drummer’s Vert Records. Two tours ensued in 2004 and 2005. They’ve shared stages with the likes of Dead and Gone, Submission Hold, Totimoshi, Kylesa, Meatjack, Today is the Day, Mixel Pixel, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Skeleton Key, Withered, Mastodon, All that Remains, Burnt by the Sun, Cream Abdul Babaar, Cutthroats 9, American Heritage, and Teeth of the Hydra…to name a few. They have established a strong reputation with everyone who saw them on the road and at home.

Light Pupil Dilate’s Lifeforce Records American debut “Snake Wine” will see a early 2008 release. Co-produced by the band and ripped jeans/producer extraordinaire, Matt Washburn (Mastodon, Norma Jean), “Snake Wine” delves further into LPD’s strange mix of post-punk meets tech-metal sound delivering a thick juicy slab of venomous rock n’ fuckin’ roll.


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Light Pupil Dilate – Snake Wine
1. Prana
2. Twinkly
3. Poly Viral
4. Big Open
5. Selfless
6. Phlebitis
7. Shower Me With Your Love
8. Boundary Dissolution
9. Dive