Left To Vanish


Keith Nolan – Vocals
Sean Salm – Guitar
Kevin Salm – Guitar
Bryan Little – Bass
Paul Meredith – Drums


Left To Vanish was formed in 2002 . Keith Nolan and Sean Salm are the only 2 orignal members that were in the band from the very begining. Little did they know that this young, local, metal band would go on to grow into something amazing. Their album “Buried Alive in a Grave of Your Own Mistakes” was released through End All Music in Oct 2005. Clocking in over 50 minutes, “Buried Alive IN A Grave Of Your Own Mistakes…” is a very versatile album going from blast beats, breakdowns, and shredding solos to acoustic and dark ambience tracks. 2006 was a year of changes for LTV with additions of Kevin Salm on Guitar, Paul Meredith on Drums and Bryan Little on Bass LTV was able to accomplish an original, brutal ,heavy and catchy sound for themselves and do the full time touring they wanted to. In the Spring of 2007 Original vocalist Keith Nolan had to step down due to personal reasons. Keeping their heads up they found a replacement vocalist who seemed to be the all around guy for the job and in Spring 2007 a 3 song demo was recorded with Marc Zdon on vocals. After 6 months in the band Marc decided the touring life wasn’t for him and quit the band leaving them with an entire album written and no vocalist. Even though the situation at that point they signed a deal that would finally allow them to release their album but at this time they had no vocalist. It was really becoming a hard search to find a new guy who could fill the job. They held tryouts for numerous different vocalist and none of them seem to fit what they were looking for. Unexpected and a blessing in the makes their original vocalist Keith Nolan makes a strong comeback 2 weeks before they enter the studio. With Keith’s voice stronger then ever and material that is absolutely rediculous and catchy Left to Vanish’s 2008 release “Versus The Throne” will blow your minds ! The album will have 12 tracks and clock in over 40 minutes of pure talent, incorperating hardcore and Metal with funk time signatures and catchy ambient riffs that will stick in your head. “This album will be like nothing you’ve ever heard”.Make sure to pick up a copy. The album will release nationwide July 22nd. Left to Vanish will be on a non-stop extensive tour schedule starting in the Spring of 2008 and staying out on tour for the rest of the year. So make sure you go to their next show in your city and check out a live performance that will melt your brain.


Left To Vanish – Versus The Throne
1. Give Us Barrabas
2. Seventeenth Year Cicadas
3. Long Live This Heresy
4. Dirt Merchant
5. Lufthansa Heist
6. Whitewolf And Nash
7. Eyeless In Gaza
8. Suffrage Under A Sulfur Sky
9. February 16th 1969
10. Northern Lights
11. Falling In Love In A Whorehouse