Last Winter


Ian Dempsey – Vocals
Josh Calapa – Guitar
Brian “Fro” Effron – Guitar
Mark “Bo” Bowermaster – Bass
Chris Pock – Drums


After catching Lifeforce Record’s attention with their amazing self-released effort “Transmission:Skyline” in addition to well over one million plays on Pure Volume, it was evident that LAST WINTER had the uncanny ability to create pure emotion with their refreshing and heart felt musical style. LAST WINTER’s undeniable passion for their music and their close relationship with their fans has earned them much success at venues such as Hard Rock, House of Blues, CBGB’s and the Social along with numerous festival appearances. LAST WINTER have turned heads all over the world with overseas success and their music’s appearance on MTV’s “My Super Sweet Sixteen” as well as MTV’s “Laguna Beach” Season 2. Their music truly touches the heart and over the years has garnished an ever-growing following.

LAST WINTER was born in the heart of Central Florida in November 2002. After writing for over a year, LAST WINTER played their first show and skyrocketed from obscurity to the top of the Orlando scene at warp speed. “We are all influenced by 80’s glam and early 90’s alternative,” says Brian Effron (guitars.) “Although it may not be prevalent in our music, our roots are metal/hardcore. We enjoy the emotion behind today’s alternative rock and power pop, but like to approach songwriting with a more traditional rock feel.”


Last Winter – The Heart & The Broken Compass
01. Copper Bones
02. Nightlaunch
03. The Northern Lights
04. Neptune
05. More Than You Know
06. Yellowbelly
07. Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads
08. Hide Your Eyes
09. The Architects
10. Arrows


Last Winter – Under The Silver Of Machines
01. Cassiopeia
02. The Violent Things
03. A Pacific Romance
04. Kiss So Hard
05. Girl Next Door
06. Standing Here
07. Our Summer In Illinois
08. Made For TV
09. Don’t Forget To Write
10. Chasing Lights
11. Starlight Drive
12. Vela To Norma