Grand Exit


Daniel Wahlström – vocals
Pontus Pettersson – guitar
Magnus Wall – bass
Simon Jarrolf – lead guitar
Pablo Munoz – drums



GRANDEXIT Is a Swedish metalband which has been around for over 13 years now. Their new album and Lifeforce Records debut, “The Dead Justifies The Means” is about to be released in July 2013. The album was produced by David Castillo at Ghostward Studios (KATATONIA, BLOODBATH etc.), a top-produced mix of vibrant death metal and progressive rock. Think Mastodon meets The Black Dahlia Murder, or Dismember meets System Of A Down – and you’ll get a small idea of what you’re out for… Strong songs made with a lot of heart and wise precision. There are choruses and melodies to get you hooked at once and the album is still packed with unexpected variety – patterns and mood changes, killer riffs and groundbreaking vocals & lyrics will get your attention again and again…



Jon Knight, The Flaming Arts Agency



Grandexit – The Dead Justifies The Means
01. The Striven
02. Lost At Sea
03. Judgement Of The Wicked
04. Buried
05. Kingdom Of Emptiness
06. Box Of Glass
07. Genetic Greed
08. Obstacle Run
09. Are You Even Alive?
10. The Superior Arrival