Glare Of The Sun



Martin Baumann – Guitars
Franz Ebert – Drums
Gerald Huber – Guitars
Tobias Schwab – Bass
Christoph Stopper – Sounds & Vocals



Drown yourself into the deep sea of wide and heavenly guitars. Dreamy, shoe-gazy, epic. But wait for it – the massive hammer of doom will hit you soon enough. Unexpected, unprepared, merciless. GLARE OF THE SUN are beautiful and brutal at the same time. Promising and melancholic, tumbeling at the edge of senses, between falling and rising, light and dark, night and day. Always creating space, leaving it up to you which side you want to choose.

Experienced musicians (form Germany and Austria) of all kinds of genres breaking the boundaries. No rules – no remorse. And that’s also how their music sounds like. Doom meets Post, Shoe-Gaze, Prog and several other kinds of music. All is authentic, all is glare. In July 2016 GLARE OF THE SUN booked the Vato Loco Studios of Martin Schirenc (Pungent Stench) to create their first Album „Soil“, which will be released in January 2017 on Lifeforce Records. Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity, Bloodbath) and his Unisound Studio Sweden was responsible for the mastering.

GLARE OF THE SUN consists of members/ex-members of Zombie Inc., Collapse 7, Microtonner, Ghouls come knockin‘, Proll Guns.



Glare Of The Sun – Soil
01. Awoken
02. One Step Nothing
03. Extinction
04. Circle
05. The Drowning And The Hush
06. Degeneration
07. Groundwater
08. Coldfront