Doyle Airence


Thomas.V – Vocals/Electronics
Austin Pecnard – Guitars
Takami Nakamoto – Guitars
Pierre Collins – Bass
Sébastien Benoits – Drums



Formed in 2007 by five Parisians originally under the name DOYLE, the band reached its first goals by burning its name in the collective mind of the new and forward-thinking French metal/post-hardcore scene. In 2010, debut album “And Gods will…“ jumped to #2 of the rock/metal album charts and maintained its position on the French Top 5 for three weeks. Between 2010 and 2012, the band toured through Europe with bands such as The Chariot, Between The Buried and Me, Animals as Leaders, Steak Number Eight and Deftones.

In 2013 the band was forced to change their name due to some “trademark issues”. Now with the new band name DOYLE AIRENCE, the quintet is looking for holistic music based on strong emotions and contrasts. LIFEFORCE RECORDS debut and second album “Monolith” strives on unconventional arrangements which are challenging but traceable. DOYLE AIRENCE’s songs cause interaction with the open mindedness and concentration of the listeners. Metal, ambient, post-hardcore and -rock: it is all to find along the way – connected by a superordinate hidden agenda.“Monolith” allows the band to broaden their musical spectrum. From Pandemonium to Eden, brutality to poetry, DOYLE AIRENCE follows its own game plan, and takes us along for the ride.


France & International :
Belgium & Luxembourg :



Doyle Airence – Monolith
01. 03.11.11
02. Painting With Lights
03. Friendly Fire
04. The Great Collapse
05. Effort.Accumulation.Revelation.
06. Left Unsaid
07. Liquid Skies
08. Destruction.Discovery.Meditation.
09. Stonefields
10. We Were Kids
11. Collisions