Arkadi Zaslavski – Lead Vocals / Guitar
Jochen Mueller – Bass / Vocals
Anton Zaslavski – Drums / Percussion


It is a scientific fact that friction creates energy. That is not only true for the world of physics but also applies to emotional phenomena. The more tension there is, the higher the friction becomes, the more energy is created. The necessary tension usually results from two oppositional poles, charged differently and emitting contrary fields of power. Light and Darkness. Hot and Cold. Love and Hatred. Strength and Weakness.
This can of course be transferred to music just the same, and there are some bands which thrive on the energy created by the contrary musical poles they include in their sound. One of these bands is DIORAMIC, a rather young formation form southern Germany. Their sound is a unique mlange of numerous, and on first sight opposing acoustic concepts. Like roaring thunder, followed by chirping of birds. Like the sound of a car crash, intertwined with the steady calm of a river. A fistfight in the midst of a blooming meadow. The force created by this friction is enourmous, primal and very emotional. DIORAMIC have definitely become a musical force to be reckoned with. The new directive which Arkardi, Jochen, and Anton are pursuing at the moment is lovingly entitled Art-Core, a powerful fusion of romantic melodious elements with gut-wrenching blast-beats, and raw explosions of guitar-blows, all enclosed by a controlled and yet menacingly comprising tunnel of thunderous bass, pierced by a undeniable voice of clarity, constantly wavering between harmonious flow and searing outbursts.



Dioramic – Technicolor
1. Ghosts In The Machine
2. Black Screen Goodbye
3. The Antagonist
4. Eluding The Focus
5. Arms Of Poseidon
6. The Lone Gunman
7. Lost In Error
8. Lukewarm Remains
9. Doom
10. Roses & Echoes
11. Debris