Mick – Vocals
Zephiros – Guitars
Ponce – Guitars
David – Bass
Morteus – Drums/ Clean Vocals


You do not necessarily have to look to Scandinavia to find angry yet catchy metal in between Death and Thrash. DESTINITY out of Lyon, France are best known for playing an agile sound that is aggressive and melodic at the same time. Quintet’s attitude towards its metal has to be characterized as modern and intelligent. “Resolve In Crimson” proofs this right and marks band’s third record for LIFEFORCE RECORDS – their sixth full length since forming in 1996.

DESTINITY tighten their strengths when they are creating nine anthem-like songs that are based on remarkable hooklines, great riffs and melodies and well-balanced songwriting. Equally important: the French musicians pay attention to the technical aspect of their metal and appear as focused and versed as casual and coltish. If you have been impressed by the fresh approach of “11 Reasons To See” (2010) you will be even more pleased with the mature musical sense DESTINITY are demonstrating with “Resolve In Crimson”.

DESTINITY played about 300 concerts around Europe and have been part of tours with DEW-SCENTED, SEVERE TORTURE, DECAPITATED, ENTHRONED, and AGATHODAIMON.



France: Philippe Nerin,



Destinity – Resolve In Crimson
01. Black Sun Rising
02. Reap My Scars
03. Aiming A Fist In Enmity
04. Can’t Stand The Sight
05. A Scent Of Scorn
06. Redshift
07. Only Way
08. Break into His Heart
09. The Hatred

Destinity – XI Reasons To See
1. Just Before…
2. A Dead Silence
3. When They Stand Still
4. To Touch The Ground
5. Your Demonic Defense
6. In Sorrow
7. Rule Of The Rope
8. Silent Warfare
9. Negative Eyes Control
10. Self Lies Addiction
11. Got Smile Sticking

Destinity – The Inside
1. My Senseless Theory
2. Murder Within
3. Thing I Will Never Feel
4. Still Remember
5. A Thousand Falling Skies
6. Inhuman Corrosive Report
7. Ready To Leave
8. Enemy Process
9. Escaping Reality
10. The Inside