Despite Exile


Jacopo Durisotti – Vocals
Giacomo Santini – Guitar
Carlo Andrea Ferraro – Guitar
Giovanni Minozzi – Bass
Matteo Paoli – Drums


Coming out of Udine, Italy DESPITE EXILE is bringing some really heavy stuff on the table. This project started in 2010 from the ashes of the metalcore outfit Farseer Scream. Supporting the first EPs “Scarlet Reverie” and “Re-Evolve” the band began a relentless touring activity all around Italy and France.

After three years of hard work and shows the first album ìSentienceî has been released in November 2013. With this record the five-piece brought its sound to a more mature level and got very positive feedbacks from press and webzines.

Known for its explosive live performances, DESPITE EXILE has become one of the most acclaimed Italian newcomers, playing great shows and festivals alongside international acts such as Trivium, Betraying The Martyrs, Oceano, Texas In July, Napoleon, The Algorithm, Skyharbor and Destrage just to name a few, quickly increasing its fanbase around Italy and Europe.

Whether you like fast, crushing death metal riffs or intricate and epic guitar melodies, mixed with deep, powerful vocals and bouncy breakdowns, DESPITE EXILE’s got what you’re looking for!


Despite Exile – Disperse
01. Act I – Gaze of Leviathan
02. Act II – Panoptic Servant
03. Gather Void
04. Act III – Transcendental Observer
05. Wither Sight
06. Act IV – Herald of Blindness
07. Act V – Dissipating Martyrs