Décembre Noir


Décembre Noir is a Death/Doom metal band from Germany and was created by Sebastian Görlach (guitar) and Daniel Bensch (drums) in 2008 as a two-man project in Erfurt/Thuringia. It used to be nameless.

After creating the band Sebastian and Daniel quickly noticed, that it was going to be more than just a project and tried to find other members out of their friends circle who were also members of other bands to increase the song material they already had and create a perfect sound.

They quickly found the new members in Marcel Apel (guitar), Mike Schubert (bass) and Lars Dotzauer (vocals).

Now a fully staffed band was formed and was able to perform on stages, the first concerts were given.

The band now also started to dream about recording their songs in a studio. But unfortunately they had to get over two member changes. Marcel left the band because e of personal reasons while Daniel left to restart in his old hometown.

Martin Ortlepp was found to replace Marcel at the guitar. Kevin Kleinschmidt was found to be a part-time drummer only to play at some concerts but was then integrated as a full band member.
The member changes threw the band back in time but also changed the sound and gave new motivation. The members quickly became a team and performed successfully on stages.
Watching a video of the band, Rico Unglaube became aware of them. He is the CEO of death metal record label F.D.A Rekotz and offered a contract for two studio albums to the band which was signed in 2013.

Décembre Noir was searching for a studio to record their songs together with producer team “Project Meyham”. The team is consisting of Alexander Dietz (Heaven Shall Burn), having a studio in Bad Kösen named “Chemical Burn Studio”, and also Eike Freese (Dark Age) with his “Chameleon Studio” in Hamburg. The recording for their first album “A Discouraged Believer” started in September 2013 and ended in January 2014. While working on this album, also musicians of bands Hangatyr and Other Day were involved.

Shortly before releasing the album, the band dropped their music video to title track “A Discouraged Believer”. The reviews on the album were very good and it made people all over the world recognize the band.

Shows in clubs and as part of small festivals were following, where Décembre Noir were showing all they got. Meanwhile new songs were made and involved into the set lists.
The preparations for the second studio album were finished in Summer 2015. The perfect and formative teamwork with Alexander Dietz and Eike Freese didn’t allow any worries giving the new album in their hands. The recording started in September 2015 and finished in spring 2016.

“The Forsaken Earth” was released under F.D.A Rekotz at August 8, 2016.

It is a continuation to “ A Discouraged Believer” but further than that a development of style elements that make Décembre Noir unique.

“The Forsaken Earth” was way more of a success than the first album and got positive reputation only.

The band got more present on all kind of stages, clubs and also festivals. Meanwhile the work on the third studio album started.

The songs for the new album named “Autumn Kings” were written in Fall 2016 and Winter 2017.

As with the Forsaken Earth album, the band members are scattered all over Germany. The beginnings of songwriting lie as before with Sebastian and Martin and Kevin are added to the expansion of the songs. Only in the studio everything really grows together and Lars gives the songs lyrics and voice.

In September 2017 the percussion recordings, under Eike Freese, were scheduled at Chameleon Studio in Hamburg.

Now began the time for Autumn Kings. a long time, but each song should get time to develop and unfold. Production took place over a period of 8 months. It should be without time pressure. Many creative moments, but also breaks have left the right traces in this time.

In July 2018 everything now fit together and the master was handed over to Lifeforce Records.