John Gahlert – Vocals
Sabine Scherer – Vocals
Sebastian Reichl – Guitar
Ferdinand Rewicki – Guitar
Tobias Graf – Drums


“The Arrival” took place in 2002, when the debut album of this German band was released. Until today five albums followed – thereof four on LIFEFORCE RECORDS. Having gained a lot of attention and reception in the metal scene, DEADLOCK are looking back on their achievements with “The Re-Arrival”. It’s not that typical best-of release you might think of. This also demonstrates the somehow different approach, which the group also follows musically. Within the 30 tracks you’ll find rare and previously unreleased demo tracks, complete re-arrangements of DEADLOCK classics and even three brand new tracks introducing new drummer Werner Riedl.

Mastermind Sebastian Reichl about “The Re-Arrival”: “The recordings for the “new album” have been a travel back in time for all of us and especially for me as the last remaining founding member of DEADLOCK. Browsing through old recording-tracks, sorting out and partly re-arranging was more than an emotional experience – keeping in mind I play more than half of my life in this band. Feelings such as pride usually don’t have all too much impact on what I’m doing, but exactly that feeling comes most close to what I felt. It was simply amazing to touch our old hits again and to pack them in a new up-to-date sound – thanks to the whole DEADLOCK family for the past years and the years to come!”

Aside from the past and present the double album also portrays the future of the band. A breath-taking and passionately package for each DEADLOCK fan and the ones still to become, because “The Re-Arrival” is the perfect entrance in order to dive into the DEADLOCK-world!

According to the proven principle of the previous recordings “The Re-Arrival” once again was produced simultaneously in different studios: aside the band’s own Slaughter’s Palace studio the band hit the Chemical Burn Studio in Bad Kösen again as well as for the first time the history-charged Chamäleon Recording Studios in Hamburg.

The 3 new songs were co-produced and mixed by Alexander Dietz and Eike O. Freese. Both are also responsible for the mix of the re-recordings and re-arrangements – Alexander Dietz has besides mastered all 30 tracks.


Ludwig Welte,

Armin J. Weber,



Deadlock – The Re-Arrival
1. An Ocean’s Monument
2. Code Of Honor (feat. Markus Bischoff / HEAVEN SHALL BURN)
3. Earthlings
4. The Brave / Agony Applause
5. Dark Cell
6. Virus Jones
7. A New Era
8. We Shall All Bleed
9. Renegade
10. Martyr To Science
11. Awakened By Sirens 2014
12. To Where The Skies Are Blue
13. Htrae
14. End Begins
15. The Arsenic River
16. Petition For Mercy
17. Broken Mirror
18. What’s the Use
19. Face To Face
20. Ignorance
21. Deprivation
22. The One Who’s Silent Seems To Consent
23. Picture
24. A Song Full of Abhorrence in a World Without Feelings…
25. With a Smile on My Face
26. The End Of The World
27. 10.000 Generations In Blood
28. When Time Runs Out (Running Wild cover)
29. Awakened By Sirens (ACOUSTIC VERSION)
30. Earthlings (JAPANESE VERSION)

Deadlock – Bizarro World (Standard Edition)
1. Virus Jones
2. State Of Decay
3. Falling Skywards
4. Earthlings
5. You Left Me Dead
6. Brutal Romance
7. Alienation
8. Renegade
9. Htrae
10. Bizarro World
11. Paranoia Extravaganza

Deadlock – State Of Decay digital single
1. State Of Decay
2. State Of Decay (Sun Project Remix)
3. Virus Jones (Trickpop Remix)

Deadlock – Manifesto
1. The Moribund Choir vs. The Trumpets Of Armageddon
2. Martyr To Science
3. Slaughter’s Palace
4. The Brave/ Agony Applause
5. Deathrace
6. Fire At Will
7. Seal Slayer
8. Manifesto
9. Dying Breed
10. Altruism
11. Temple Of Love
12. The Brave/ Agony Applause acoustic live (digipak and box edition bonus only)
13. Martyr To Spam remixxx (box edition bonus only)

Deadlock – Wolves
1. World Domination
2. We Shall All Bleed
3. Code Of Honor
4. Losers’ Ballet
5. Dark Cell
6. Crown Of Creation
7. End Begins
8. As Words To Bullets
9. Praeludium II
10. Bloodpact
11. To Where The Skies Are Blue
12. Code Of Honor Remixxx (ltd. edition only)

Deadlock – Earth Revolt
1. Demonic (Tonus Diabolus)
2. 10,000 Generations In Blood
3. The Year Of The Crow
4. Everlasting Pain
5. Earth.Revolt
6. More Tragedies To Come
7. Awakened By Sirens
8. Kingdom Of The Dead
9. May Angels Come
10. Harmonic