Burning Skies


Merv – Vocals
Liam – Guitars/Vocals
Chuck – Guitars
Ivesy – Bass
Paul – Drums


Hailing from Bristol, UK BURNING SKIES are taking their cues from the early grindcore and death metal masters, but do not forget to incorporate a harsh modern US-approach and some black metal-quotations as well. The quintet brings you a mixture of violent screaming/shouting, destructive double bass riffs, tons of tremolo-pickings, trashy guitar riffs and groovy mosh parts:

“Greed Filth Abuse Corruption” – bands third effort for LIFEFORCE RECORDS – was recorded at Rape Of Harmonies (Heaven Shall Burn, Fall Of Serenity, Misery Speaks) in Triptis, Germany with producers Patrick W. Engel and Alexander Dietz. The album contains 11 tracks of purest grinding-brutality! Everything is faster and harder than anything the guys have written before, so do not be surprised if you suffer from ‘Exploding Head Syndrome’. If you can handle Carcass, Napalm Death, Misery Index, The Black Dahlia Murder and The Red Chord than you will definitely be into BURNING SKIES as well! “Greed Filth Abuse Corruption” marks the first essential extreme release in 2008!

Being around since 2002 BURNING SKIES created a melting pot of their own favourite styles in between death metal, grindcore, death rock and hardcore. Shortly after the release of bands debut record “Murder By Means Of Existence” (LIFEFORCE/2004) they have been told to be one of Britains best kept metal secrets and “Desolation” (LIFEFORCE/2006) just prooved it right!
The quintet developed into a heavy yet accessible sound, that was build on caustic, near-unstoppable slices of laborious brutality. “Greed Filth Abuse Corruption” resumes the discussion: The future of British heavy metal is right here!



War From A Harlots Mouth / Burning Skies – Split
01. The Shape Of Nothing To Come
02. Monolith
03. Omega
04. Precision Crippling
05. Shitfarmer
06. Morbid Engel
07. RKD
08. Trife Life
09. Fighting Dwarves With Keytars


Burning Skies – Greed.Filth.Abuse.Corruption
1. Warhate
2. You Don’t Have To Be Dead To Be In Hell
3. Y.G.F.F.
4. Rounding Up The Cattle
5. Abuse To Confuse
6. To Be The Man Who Has To Beat The Man
7. Spat Out And Stamped On
8. It’s Hard To Breathe With A Bag On Your Head
9. Slashed, Thrashed And Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition
10. Emocalypse
11. Sticky Richard


Burning Skies – Desolation
1. Intro
2. RKD
3. The Sweet Sound Of Violence
4. Bauer Power
5. Desolation… (For The Denial Of Ignorance)
6. Damaged
7. Fairytale Supremacy
8. Caught In The Circle
9. Lurid Demolition
10. Could You Sink Any Lower?


Burning Skies – Murder By Means Of Existence
1. Intro
2. Murder By Means Of Existence
3. Individual Hate Complex
4. Narcoleptic Suicide Attempt
5. Forever Endeavour
6. Emo Assassination
7. Thrash Gordon
8. Erase This Decay (And Disappear)
9. Untitled (Instrumental)
10. Hatred Remains
11. Symptoms Of Perversion
12. Preaching To The Silent