At The Sounddawn


Luca – Vocals
Andrea – Guitar
Matteo – Guitar
Alessio – Bass
Enrico – Drums


It’s all about self-expression and unlimited progression: AT THE SOUNDAWN have become known for their approach of never sticking to any one particular formula and to create sonic landscapes that are based on an emotional and intuitive flow. This is what made their LIFEFORCE RECORDS debut “Red Square: We Come In Waves” stunning and what caused appreciation across the whole of Europe and America. Hailing from Modena, the musical tastes and abilities of the Italian band grew crucially since their inception back in 2000. Music itself is leading AT THE SOUNDAWN and their method of sound.

“Shifting” marks a new tour de force for AT THE SOUNDAWN as it shows matured skills and a fine grasp for all-embracing music in between post-rock and post-metal. The album consists of soundscapes of powerful fury, dreary melancholy, fragile grace and unbelievable extensiveness. At the same time “Shifting” is enjoyable to listen to because it is following a path of restrained melody and unreserved creativity. One thing is for sure: There is something special about this album and about AT THE SOUNDAWN.

AT THE SOUNDAWN join the ranks of Italy’s best and help create one of 2008’s most intriguing and mind-expanding aural outings.


Frank Ehrmann,



At The Soundawn – Shifting
1. Mudra: In Acceptance And Regret
2. 7th Moon
3. Caofedian
4. Drifting Lights
5. Black Waves
6. Hades
7. Prometheus Bring Us The Fire 

At The Soundawn – Red Square: We Come In Waves
1. Slight Variations
2. Submerged
3. One Day Before
4. Phone Will
5. Sundown In Rome
6. Rain Falls
7. Frames Of You 



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