Panos Leakos – Vocals, Bass
Angelos Maniatakos – Guitars
Giorgos Evgeniadis – Guitars
Nikos Parotidis – Drums



Listening to AETHERIAN for the first time makes you think the band would come from Finland or Sweden, but the trio in fact is from sunny shores of Greece. Even with a Southern heritage and much more Vitamin D in their veins the band from Athens share the same melancholic genes as their “competitors” from the upper North. With the sound the band is creating we are very sure AETHERIAN will be playing in the first league of melodic death metal bands very soon.

In April 2016 the band released its first video clip for their new single “The Rain”, which received amazing feedback and well over 1 million plays on Youtube so far. AETHERIAN have just finished work on their upcoming Lifeforce Records debut album “The Untamed Wilderness” which is set to be released in November 2017.