DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS reveal music video for “The I”

We are very happy to present the blistering title track of DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS’ forthcoming new album “The I”, which is set to be released on September 22.


Ltd. Edition vinyl / CD Digipak / Ltd. Bundle packs:


“Following on the notion that one can never reach full potential out in the open being a slave at heart it all comes down to – plain and simple – rising above and stepping over and beyond all force-fed limitations in order to accomplish honest satisfaction, fulfillment and unsuppressed growth as an individual.” – about the concept behind the lyrics comments Darky, a long-time friend of the band considered to be its spirit member who has also contributed to the lyrics.

“To accompany the fierce and powerful lyrical content of “The I”, we developed an equally strong-minded visual concept resembling the appearance of medieval scriptures. It refers to the intense religious critique omnipresent in each song and depicts the ancient spirit of rebellion at the same time. The cover illustration reflects the general notions of the album – centrality, elucidation and guidance. In the center of the image, the Devilish Impressions’ sigil represents the band’s everlasting propaganda of the aforementioned philosophy. The morning star on top of the sigil radiates enlightenment and wisdom upon and through the darkness of religion and blind belief.
Each lyric is coupled with an old engraving modified in a certain way to create a stronger bond with the text. The carefully crafted typography and layout reinforce the antique and authentic look of the artwork.”
– comments Infected Minds, the entity responsible for the album’s cover illustration, artwork and layout.

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